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Workshop on ‘Statistical Methods in Microbiome Research’ from 16-20th December 2019 Click here for details


As a tribute to Dr. Tapan Chakrabarti's significant work in the field of microbial taxonomy and systematics, Dr. Amaraja Joshi and her team at NCMR-NCCS described novel species of genus Nitrincola as Nitrincola tapanii on his name to honor his contributions. Read full article here

In honour of Dr. Tapan Chakrabarti's contribution in the field of microbial taxonomy Dr. Avinash Sharma and his team at NCMR-NCCS described a novel genus Chakrabartia godavariana on his name Read the fulll article here


























NCMR Workshops 2018

Workshops on ‘Microbial Identification and Preservation’ (6-day workshop) and ‘Microbial Genomics’ (5-day workshop) to be held during January 08 to 13 and January 15 to 19, 2018


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Application form for Workshop on 'Microbial Identification and Preservation' (January 8 -13, 2018) Click here

Application form for Workshop on 'Microbial Genomics' (January 15 -19, 2018) Click here

List of selected candidates for workshop Click here


Detailed Schedule of both the workshops will be published soon on the website.