Deposit of Cultures


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Supply of Cultures:

  1. Cultures listed in MCC catalogue (hard copy/electronic) are available for teaching and research purposes.
  2. MCC supplies cultures bearing its own accession numbers. It does not supply cultures having acronym and accession numbers of other culture collection(s). However, MCC may have equivalent cultures (prepared from cultures received from other culture collections and that have been given MCC accession numbers). Equivalent cultures may not be identical to the original ones because genetic drift may occur.
  3. Request for supply of culture(s) should be sent on the MCC culture order form mentioning the name and MCC accession number of the microorganism(s).
  4. REQUESTS FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPMENTS from investigators working outside India should be accompanied with proper approval obtained a priori from the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA), Government of India. Such approval may be obtained from NBA by submitting Form1 along with requisite fees to NBA as mentioned here. While MCC is not responsible for obtaining these approvals for you, it may assist you in submitting the documentation to NBA.
  5. Appropriate fee in the form of a DD in the name of Director, NCCS, payable at Pune must accompany the culture order form.
  6. Students/project assistants/research associates should get their request for cultures endorsed by guide/principal investigator or by Head of the Department.
  7. For hazardous microorganisms, one needs to provide evidence that the appropriate facility is available to work with such organisms and he/she has the requisite permission from the institute to work on such organisms.
  8. A request for supply of cultures from outside India has to provide an import permit for the procurement. Such a request may need clearance from the appropriate authority in India (HMSC) before cultures can be sent.
  9. The cultures are generally dispatched by registered mail within two weeks after receiving a request.
  10. Cultures are not supplied to private addresses.

Terms and conditions of supply

  1. Recipients of cultures will not pass on such cultures as MCC cultures to others.
  2. All culture should be handled carefully taking proper and established safety precautions.
  3. MCC is not responsible explicit or implicit, for misuse or improper handling of cultures received from MCC.
  4. Cultures should be revived /subcultured on recommended medium and conditions soon after receiving them.
  5. Purity, authenticity and viability of cultures are carefully examined by MCC staff. Complaints about the cultures will not be entertained after two month of dispatch from MCC.
  6. MCC checks taxonomic authenticity (and markers of genetic stocks) of the cultures but not the other associated properties (like production of metabolites, degradation of specific compounds etc.). These properties were mentioned by the depositor of the culture(s). MCC does not guarantee that these properties are retained by the culture(s).
  7. MCC does not grant license, expressed or implied, for any commercial use of cultures received from it. A recipient of MCC culture(s) are responsible for ensuring that the rights of the depositor are not violated by use of such culture(s).
  8. By accepting cultures from MCC it is implied that the recipient agrees to the terms and conditions of supply.