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We are happy to announce International Conference on Microbiome Research (ICMR) 2018 from 19-22 November 2018. Registrations open on March 15,2018 Click here for details

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Identification Services

NCMR scientists have considerable experience in characterisation of diverse group of bacteria and fungi using both conventional as well as molecular approaches. They are actively engaged in research on microbial diversity, taxonomy and ecology. With such expertise NCMR offers services related to extensive characterisation of bacteria and fungi using variety of tools and techniques. These are as follows

  1. 16S/18S rRNA gene sequencing (~ 700 bp)
  2. 16S/18S rRNA gene sequencing (~1200bp)
  3. Phylogenetic Tree  
  4. FAME (fatty acid methyl ester) analysis 
  5. G+C mol% (Tm) 
  6. DNA – DNA Hybridization
  8. Phenotypic characterization


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