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Welcome to the NCMR !

Heartiest Congratulations to Dr. Avinash Sharma for getting a recommendation for his project towards the 'Early career fellowship' from Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance







Mission and Goals

As a frontline Research and Development Centre

The centre focuses on basic research in the areas of microbial diversity, microbial taxonomy, microbial genomics and proteomics etc.


As a National Microbial Culture Collection Facility

  1. Isolation and Identification of microorganisms from various environmental niches.
  2. Preservation of microbial biodiversity from niche areas as metagenomic libraries.
  3. Development of new strategies for isolation of "uncultivable" microbes.
  4. To provide consultation services for patent deposits, preservation, propagation,biodeterioration, Industrial problems, biosystematics and microbial biodiversity issues etc.
  5. To serve as National facility for microbial culture collection, deposit and the supply of authentic microbial cultures.
  6. To serve as a International Depositary Authority (IDA). 


As a focal point of Human Resources Development

To establish and conduct workshops, seminars, symposia and training programmes in the area of microbial identification, preservation and advanced areas of microbial taxonomy/phylogeny.