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General Deposit (public access)

Cultures deposited under this category are accessible to public for teaching and/or scientific research and no restriction is imposed. A prospective depositor should contact the Service Coordinator/Curator in advance about acceptability of cultures to be sent for deposit. NCMR reserves the right to reject a request for deposit of culture. Unidentified cultures are not accepted for deposit under this category. Once accepted and accessioned by NCMR, a culture cannot be withdrawn from the collection. There is no fee for such deposits.


Please contact service co-ordinator ( in advance for more than 10 deposits at a time.

Steps involved in deposit process (in the public access collection)

  1. Prospective depositor contacts NCMR by email/post about the acceptability of the culture(s) before sending.
  2. Once NCMR agrees to accept the microorganism(s) the depositor sends the culture(s) along with the properly filled forms.
  3. Proper care should be taken in packing the culture tubes (slant or stab) so that they are not damaged during transit. This is necessary to ensure safety of persons who may come in contact of the material. Culture tubes received in damaged condition are not processed by NCMR.
  4. The cultures are processed (usually within two working days) for checking viability, purity and identity. Viability testing of fungi usually requires 7 days to 4 weeks.
  5. If the culture is not pure or non-viable, the depositor is informed immediately.
  6. Pure, viable and identified cultures are given an accession number by the NCMR and preserved. A sample of the preserved culture will be sent to the depositor for confirmation. Once the depositor confirms authenticity of the culture, the required certificate of availability will be issued.
  7. NCMR accession number is communicated to the depositor.