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Workshop on ‘Statistical Methods in Microbiome Research’ from 16-20th December 2019 Click here for details


In honour of Dr. Tapan Chakrabarti's contribution in the field of microbial taxonomy Dr. Avinash Sharma and his team at NCMR-NCCS described a novel genus Chakrabartia godavariana on his name Read the fulll article here




























































Administrative staff


Mr.Yogesh Kalbhor

Designation: Admin Officer 'A'







Mr.Suhas Bharekar

Designation: Office Assistant 'A' (Administration)







Ms. Pratibha Wagh

Designation: Office Assistant 'A' (Stores)







Ms. Madhavi Bhosle

Designation: Office Assistant 'A' (Stores)









Mr. Kiran Gaikwad

Designation: Lab Helper







santoshMr. Santosh Bhise

Designation: Lab Helper







mangeshgMr. Mangesh Gawande

Designation: Lab Helper