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Welcome to the NCMR !

We are happy to announce International Conference on Microbiome Research (ICMR) 2018 from 19-22 November 2018. Registrations open on March 15,2018 Click here for details

New Fee Structure will be applicable from 1st January 2018

















Deposit Service

NCMR accepts microorganisms for deposit under the following categories:

  • General deposit: Cultures deposited under this category are listed in NCMR catalogue and are accessible to public for teaching and scientific research.  Depositors from outside India may require clearance from appropriate authority in India. Click here for details

  • Safe deposit: Confidentiality and security are maintained for such deposits.  There is an annual fee (Rs. 10000/- for the first year, Rs. 5000/- for subsequent years) per culture for such deposits. Click here for details 

  • Patent deposit: Confidentiality and security are maintained for such deposits.  There is a onetime fee for such deposits. Certificate issued by NCMR for such a deposit may be valid for filing a Patent application in India.

  • IDA deposit: Deposit under the Budapest Treaty on the International Recognition of Deposit of Microorganisms for the Purposes of Patent Procedure. Deposit under this category fulfills the deposit requirement of filling Patent in all countries signatory to the Treaty. Cultures are dealt with according to Rules & regulations of the Budapest Treaty. Click here for details

Supply of cultures

                NCMR supplies authentic cultures of archaea, bacteria fungi and plasmids. Request for cultures addressed to the curator should be sent on an official letterhead giving NCMR accession number(s) and name of the organism along with required fee (Demand Draft in fervor of Director, National Center for Cell Science, payable in Pune). Click here for details

Requests from investigators working outside India should be accompanied with proper approval obtained a priori from the National Biodiversity Authority (NBA), Government of India. Such approval may be obtained from NBA by submitting Form1 along with requisite fees to NBA as mentioned here. While NCMR is not responsible for obtaining these approvals for you, it may assist you in submitting the documentation to NBA.


Identification service

NCMR may help scientific community in identifying bacteria and fungi using a variety of methods (phenotypic including chemotaxonomic and molecular). Click here for details

Educational services

NCMR organizes training/ workshops in the areas of microbial diversity, microbial taxonomy and microbial ecology